Ultra-Marathon Cyclist With Epilepsy Breaks Two World Records

Courtesy: Edin Children’s Hospital

Katie Ford began having seizures at age four and was diagnosed five years later with right temporal lobe epilepsy.  In 2001, at age 14, she had brain surgery and remained seizure free for five years.

Katie had a breakthrough and had to quit her job as a police constable.  She then had another one about 15 months later which led to her giving up driving and began riding a bike as an alternate mode of transportation.  Katie tells epilepsy action that she immediately felt an “incredible bond with my bike, because it’s my independence and my freedom.”.

She’s participated in numerous races and fundraisers for epilepsy awareness.  But, on July 2nd the Glasgow native broke two indoor track world records at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena.  She rode a little over 190 miles in 12 hours breaking the six and hour hour distance records.  In addition she broke Britain’s fastest 100-mile indoor time and the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association’s 12-hour indoor track distance record.

When asked about the race she told Epilepsy Action, “I’m just really pleased. I was really pushing my limits in terms of pain and physical ability, and what I wanted to get out of it was to show what people with epilepsy can do.”

Katie writes about her adventure in her blog, “The Diary of an Epileptic Ultra Cyclist. “In one of her blogs about cycling she says, “It made sense then, that being a cyclist, partly to use as a kind of meditation from life, partly because I made the choice never to drive again, that if I was going to do something that would stand out as a cyclist, it would be ultra-marathon riding,” she said. “I wanted to be able to say that someone with epilepsy could hold some of the toughest cycling records in the world, and in the absence of seeing someone else doing it with epilepsy, felt I could take them on myself.”

Source(s):  Epilepsy New Today by C. Moore

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