Soccer Player Refuses To Let Epilepsy Limit Him

Nick Bezold has always loved soccer.  Although he’s had many seizures and knows it’s unpredictable nature, he refuses to let it define him athletically.

He’s had epilepsy his entire life and has tried numerous treatments, including surgery.  But nothing has had a significant impact on the number of seizures he experiences.  Like many others with epilepsy, he does not have an aura or warning prior.

Even though it can be challenging, he doesn’t give up.  He says, “Soccer is something that I love to do, and usually when I feel energized, it doesn’t affect me.  By playing soccer, I feel like a normal teen.”

He’s had a strong support system including his mom, teammates and coach throughout his career.  Now that he’s graduated from high school and has accepted a soccer scholarship from Freed-Hardeman college in Henderson, Tennessee.


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