Epilepsy Clusters Discovered Near Former Nuclear Weapon Production Facility

Dani Ball grew up in a neighborhood east of the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility just outside Denver, Colorado.  She was diagnosed with ADD after her teacher noted she had trouble concentrating and would often daydream.  After taking Ritalin, she had a tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure and was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy.

Dani learned some of her childhood friends also had epilepsy.  This set her on a mission to find out if there were others as well.

Withing three days she received responses from 28 other people who lived nearby that also have epilepsy.  When she mapped out where the people had lived, the majority resided in three clusters east of Rocky Flats; Broomfied, Westminster and Arvada.  In some instances there were multiple cases within the same family.

While the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that cancer rates weren’t significantly different, there had been no study on epilepsy.

A grassroots nonprofit that advocates for people negatively impacted by the facility said that Dani Ball’s findings merit a scientific study.  She went on to say that while people question how the connection can be made the CDC pays attention to clusters of diseases in areas like this.

Dani is continuing her effort to find others from the same areas who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.


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