CDC Experts Warn Of Possible Zika Virus/Epilepsy Link

Three doctors studying the Zika virus at the CDC found that in a group of 48 infants from Brazil, 50 percent had clinical seizures. In addition, seven of another group of 13 were diagnosed with epilepsy. They didn’t find the results surprising considering the brain abnormalities that Zika can cause in infants are linked to seizures and epilepsy.

The findings published in  JAMA Neurology show that more research into the link is needed.  They also indicated early diagnosis is critical to avoid complications.  There is also concern because many health care providers and parents may not be aware of the link  so cases may be “misdiagnosed or under reported.”

The CDC issued a statement saying:  “better recognition, diagnosis, and reporting of seizures and epilepsy in infants and young children will help guide interventions to make sure families receive the right support and treatment.”


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