College Basketball Super Fan With Epilepsy Collects Jerseys To Raise Awareness

courtesy: KPTV

Monmouth, OR – Bryan Black is on a mission to raise awareness.  He began having partial seizures in 2008 and continues to have them every day.  He is scheduled to have brain surgery this year and the prognosis for success is between 50 and 80 percent.

Bryan refuses to let it get him down and focus’s on his favorite thing after being a husband and father and that’s college basketball.

To help raise awareness he has reached out to every college basketball team across the country.  He has a dedicated twitter account @350jerseys4hope to make the requests and post updates.

He is well on his way to collecting a jersey from all 350 Division 1 schools.  He says it brings him joy and he gets excited every time the doorbell rings.  He says sometimes, “I’ll get the trifecta of UPS, FedEx and the postal service all in one day,”   

Brian says it’s not just about the jersey’s but also making each school aware of epilepsy and other neurological conditions in order to increase research.

Bryan hopes that one day he can travel to every university in the country that has sent him a jersey and speak about life with epilepsy.


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