Man Facing Assault Charges After Biting EMS During Seizure

Courtesy: WHAS11

Louisville, KY–Brandon Scifres’s wife called for help when her husband had a seizure. When EMS arrived he bit them as they tried to restrain him.

His mother, Carol, says he has epilepsy and during and after a seizure, Brandon’s personality completely changes.

“You can not control him.  The more you try to restrain him the more emotional he gets.”

Brandon does not remember anything, but says, “When I am in the seizure and I come out, I am very disoriented. I don’t even recognize my own surroundings.”

Brandon is now facing assault charges.  He rejected a plea deal and is awaiting trial.  He is scheduled for brain surgery in the near future.

Anyone who is having a seizure SHOULD NOT be restrained.  The post-ictal state (immediately following the seizure) is confusing for the person as they are disoriented and don’t know what is happening.

This is an education and training opportunity we hope Louisville Metro EMS takes seriously.  They declined to make any comments pending the outcome of the trial.


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